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Timber Frame house construction

We build timber framed sections to your specification

S P Stow is working with some large UK home builders of prefabricated homes, often referred to as prefab homes or simply prefabs. These buildings are specialist dwelling types of prefabricated building, which are manufactured in our workshop in advance, in standard sections that can be easily shipped and assembled on-site saving, build time of the dwelling.

We use high quality CLS (Canadian Lumber Stock) which can be left untreated or tantalised depending on your specific requirements.


Modular buildings and modular homes are prefabricated repeated sections called modules. “Modular” is a construction method that involves constructing sections away from the building site, then delivering them to the intended site where installation of the prefabricated sections is completed.

The individual modules can be arranged in almost endless combinations allowing individuality and a variety of styles.

Do you build modular homes in the UK? If your looking for a local manufacturer with experience of timber framed housing then please get in touch.

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Timber frame typically describes a system of panelised structural walls and floors constructed from small section timber studs, clad with board products, in which the timber frame transmits vertical and horizontal loads to the foundations.

It is generally not used to refer to timber post and beam structures or to timber engineered structural frames.

S P Stow Ltd have vast experience in producing high quality timber frames, to rigid specifications, for clients all over the UK.

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